Hello and welcome to the 8th tutorial on my Rex cosplay! It is the last one to be published, until I build Pyra’s sword and I produce a tutorial for this one!
In this one, I will show you how to build Rex’s core crystal and the various armbands that he wears. Here are these pieces highlighted in the next image:
Let’s first start with what the chapter name refers to: Pyra’s boo... oops... Rex’s core crystal! XD It is a standard X shape, with some subtle highlights on it.
Let’s make a pattern for it on drawing paper. You can start by making the X pattern. Make sure that it has the desired size for the body.
You might need to make subtle changes to the size of X as you iterate on the pattern. There are small dents on the left and right sides of the X, do not forget them.
Once you are satisfied, let’s cut the pattern and transfer it on 2 mm EVA foam.
You might wonder how will be X stick on your body. The answer: using spirit gum! It is the same substance for holding various prosthetics (such as ear extensions) to your body.
After priming both sides of the X (front and back) with Mod Podge, you can make a holding test by applying Spirit Gum to the back to the X and then glue the X to your chest.
You should leave it on your chest for quite some time to make sure it holds on various cases (sweating, rapidly moving, etc.). Funny story: I left it on me for one evening and I almost forgot to remove it before going to bed because I no longer felt it on me! XD
When removing the X from your body, do it very gently as you don’t want to damage, tear and distort the EVA foam. Immediately after removing it, apply Spirit Gum remover on your chest and on the back of X to remove the Spirit Gum remains.
Finally, all that is left is a nice paint job. I have used a darker green all around the X, then I have mixed my green paint with a bit of white paint to create a nice light effect at the center of the X.
And after coating the paint with 3 layers of Mod Podge, you are done with Rex’s X-shaped Core Crystal!
Now, let’s move to the armbands and to the most complex first: the one to the top of Rex’s sleeve! The others will be very easy by comparison.
The main part of this armband is the triangular shape on Rex’s side view. There are multiple angles on this piece and they are the key to this armband. First, let’s trace the most elevated triangle on the piece (before the angles).
Then, let’s add the angled portions, the location of the screws and the 2 small holes at the top of the triangle.
After cutting this pattern, you have something to start working with.
Then, let’s work on the main part of the armband, the angled band that goes all around your arm. Here is a sketch of the angles you have to reproduce on the band.
Using one of the parallelograms created by the patterns above, let’s transfer it on the height of a 10 mm EVA foam piece. This piece needs to be long enough to cover the whole circumference of your biceps (where the top of Rex’s sleeve is).
Then, it’s time to remove the foam outside of the parallelogram, using a sharp knife, to create the desired half-band. You may use a Dremel to smooth the surface after it has been processed.
This is an example of what you should have after.
You may then use Barge contact cement to glue the bands together, forming the desired final band with the angle.
Then, it is time to come back to the triangle portion. You will need to transfer it on 10 mm EVA foam, then make an angled cut to create the angle around the top triangle.
This is what you should have when it’s over:
Here is the triangle on the band. You might notice that the top of the triangle is not aligned to the middle of the band (there is a 10 mm elevation from the triangle we do not want).
You can them perform an angled cut to the top of the triangle to align it to the surface of the topmost half-band (like in the next picture).
After that, let’s add the 4 screws around the triangle. We need to build them first: I have cut small circled pieces onto 10 mm EVA foam. For the screws, I have cut some 2 mm pieces to form each side of the screw on the top. As an alternative, you can also create a small opening on the 10 mm base using a knife and then heat it with a heat gun, which will create the hole.
For manipulating very small pieces like the 2 mm foam on the top of the screw, you can use tweezers, they will be of great help!
You will need to smooth the side of each screw with a Dremel. To help me with this, I have used a pointy tool coming with my sculpting toolkit to enter it into the foam, which makes it mostly immobile when the Dremel head hits the foam piece.
Then, you can create the holes for the screws using the cone head of a Dremel and pushing it into the foam piece.
You may then use Gorilla Glue gel to fix each screw into place.
To attach the extremities of the band around your arm, you can use velcro mounted on straps. You may use either EVA foam straps or fabric backpack straps. I recommend using backpack straps for this as it’s much more durable. EVA foam straps can tear up and it happened to me!
This is how the straps look like when glued to the inside of the armband.
For the finishing touches, you may remove bumps and irregular by straightening the edges with either foam clay (you need to sand it after) or Kwik Seal.
For the other bands (the golden ones on the sleeveless arm - at biceps level and around Rex’s wrist), they are built exactly the same way, except that one is longer than the other.
You will need to build a trapeze shape for the pattern, then transfer it on the height of a 10 mm EVA foam piece, like this:
Then, remove the excess foam and you will have your angled piece. Again, just like the first armband you have made, you can cover and fill the holes, cracks and irregularities with either foam clay or Kwik Seal.
There is one last piece to build: Rex’s belt around his sleeveless arm. I have decided to start first with the buckle. I did not do anything too fancy here: I have used a backpack clip for this and I painted it gold (50% iridescent gold and 50% iridescent silver).
My first attempt to create a buckle was using using worbla with magnets, but it did not go too well and it was ugly! Never hesitate to try out some things and discard them!
Then, you can use a strap of vinyl (faux leather) to form the belt. I have used my sewing machine to sew the sides of the strap together, for a clean finish at the surface.
Then, once it’s done, you can start priming and painting all these golden armbands! For priming, you can heat the foam to close the pores in it and apply 3 layers of Flexbond.
For painting, you can apply a Yellow Ocre base layer, followed by a mix of 50% Iridescent Silver and 50% Iridescent Gold. After painting, let’s coat the paint with 3 layers of Mod Podge.
You can highlight the cracks of the screws, the angled edges and any other demarcation with black paint to really make these parts stand out.
This is the final result for these golden armbands and the belt!
And this is the final result of these armbands and the Core Crystal on the final cosplay!
That concludes this short but important tutorial! If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section and I will be happy to address them! Follow my cosplay accounts (GDICommander on Facebook and Instagram) to not miss a thing!

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