Hello! In this tutorial, I will show you how to make the hair of Rex, the protagonist of a game named Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Nintendo Switch.

What you need

This is a very spiky wig and lots of resources exist online for this type of work. You will need the following:
  • a wig;
  • bobby pins;
  • scissors for cutting hair;
  • Got2Be, spray and gel versions (both);
  • your fingers;
  • a piece of cloth for cleaning your fingers;
  • a set of hair brushes;
  • a storyfoam head (or something resembling that to hold to wig);
Here are some notes on the hair design of the character:

The wig

Rex has a lot of hair on his head and there are lots of spikes to do. Therefore, we will need to play with a lot of hair. Wigs from Arda Wigs are known to offer lots of hair on them. I have chosen to go with them, feel free to follow my choice or to use a wig provider that offers wigs with the same qualities.
For the wig, I have decided to go with a Magnum Long Classic with the Cool Brown color.
Here is me with the wig on my head (unstyled and directly from the unboxing):
Please note that the color shown in the picture may slightly differ from the reference picture because of the lighting. This warning applies for all upcoming photos of the wig in this tutorial.
These are the tools that you will need for working on the wig:
And now, it is time to start cutting some hair and making the first spikes!
When you work on a wig, it is very recommended that you plan in advance what you want to do. Because once hair is cut, you cannot go back, as the hair does not grow back. Plan accordingly.
We will start with the hair layer very close to Rex’s forehead:
For this, it is very important to divide the hair in layers. If you are new in wig construction, it is important to know is how a wig’s hair is typically laid out. The following image, coming from my Desert Voe Link wig tutorial, shows it:
For the first row of spikes near Rex’s forehead, we will use the first rows of wefts to make them and reserve the other wefts for the rest of the wig.
Here is me having done the first row of spikes using the first layers and reserving the rest of the hair (tied up on the top of the wig) for the rest of Rex’s hair:
To do every single spike, it is recommended to use bobby pins to help you mark the curl each of them, then proceed on them one by one.
With all the curls being determined, it is time to trim them to have the desired length. When trimming curls, never perform a single horizontal cut, as it will give an unnatural-looking curl. Do it incrementally from the tip, making small random chops and moving your way up the curl to reach the desired length. You can also make an oblique cut and then use Got2Be to keep the curl together.
Plenty of resources exist online for making spikes on cosplay video. I fully encourage you to go on sites such as YouTube and consult these resources.
You should then make all these spikes until you are close to the ear on each side of your head. At the end, you should have this result!
Congratulations! You are done with the first row of spikes for the wig! Now, let’s move to the spikes right above them!
You have noticed in the notes of the reference picture above that the spikes are originating from a location above the forehead on the left. It is a very important location to mark on your wig. You can use tape or a sewing pin to not forget it:
Then, you can start making multiple spikes that start in all directions from there. You should have at least 4 spikes for this goal.
The last photo shows spikes going to the back and right. We still need 2 more that respectively go to the bottom and left:
If some of the spikes cause you trouble and do not want to stay in place, use Got2Be gel at their base. If this is still not enough, then you can use gold-old white glue. Make sure that it is transparent when it dries up.
Once you are done with these spikes, it is time to keep building more spikes by going further from their point of origin and align the new ones with this point!
Keep going down until you reach the bottom of Rex’s hair! You will need to cut the excess hair because Rex does not have long hair.
Here is how it should look like on the side of the wig:
Here is a close-up on the spikes (the Got2Be gel / spray on them is not fully dried on some of them):
Make sure you always try the wig on you to make sure everything is good as the foam head may not fit your head measurements.
You can then cut the excess hair at the back of the wig to comply with Rex’s short hair requirements (neck visible). You can ask help from someone for this part (big thanks to my girlfriend for this!).
Here is the final result!
And finally, here is how it looks on the full cosplay!


That’s it for the tutorial on how to make Rex’s hair! The next tutorials will focus on the armor-like pieces, the small detailed pieces and finally, Rex’s helmet and Pyra’s sword! Follow GDICommander on social media if you want to be the first to see them!

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